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Great product

I’ve bought this product at one of our vape stores here in Pensacola but they are usually out it sells so fast. Purchasing now directly and the shipments are really fast and free. The taste of the frosty watermelon is so good plus 350 mg is a good dosage for me. I suffer from arthritis and anxiety and this hybrid works so well for my both pain and sleep. Great product.

Great Feeling!

First of all, the shipping was fast! I was amazed!
Felt relaxed right after the first hit!

I'm a believer

I'm a pretty skeptical person about a lot of things. I purchased this to make it easier to quit smoking. It's helped enormously.


Great flavor and works well also! Highly recommend

Not too bad

It’s ok, better than the GDP and watermelon OG. Not much flavor though.

It’s ok

Flavor is not good at all but it does the job. It’s a little better than the GDP.

Good effects meh flavor

Really good relaxation and calming effects that really help me get ready for bed. I wish the flavor was a little better but it’s not bad over all

Watermelon gummies

Love these, taste great.

Orange dream

In love with this product. My mood has improved, my headaches are better, when I’m stressed, I take this and in 15 mins I can feel myself calming and relaxing.

Awesome cart

I tried GDP for the first time towards the end of May and absolutely love it! I've bought at least 5 more carts since then. I have really bad anxiety and just a few puffs makes me feel relaxed. I highly recommend it. **Extra note: For those thinking you might fail a drug test, you absolutely will NOT. I got drug tested by 3 different labs while smoking this and all tests were thc negative, so have no fear**


Listen... I’ve dabbled with cbd for a year now. The drops, vape juice, flower..
I’m not kidding when i say that this is changing my life. I read everything I possibly could about cbd carts before buying. And this strain and brand had so much positive feedback on YouTube and Facebook I thought why not try it. I was so scared I’d feel “high” or “loopy”
Trust me when I tell you that’s not the case. One hit of this stuff and the anxiety is nearly gone. My anxiety gives me derealization, shortness of breath, paranoia, racing thoughts and I refuse to take meds. This stuff gives me RELIEF! This is no miracle cure, but the closest to it I think I’ll ever find. It gives me a relaxed mind and body to RATIONALIZE and come back to planet earth. If you’re like me give this a try I promise you it will not disappoint! Thank you funky farms!!!!!
I am a real customer and was by no means paid to give a good review or given anything for free!

Love it!

Wonderful refreshing flavor! Absolutely my favorite!

So good!

I absolutely love this flavor!!

Grandaddy Purple

Great CBD to relieve anxiety and aid sleep - after trying many different kinds of CBD this one is the best

Not made out of PG/VG!

Funky Farms make a great product. I'm a person who found out my body doesn't react well to PG/VG and found this company who sells a cartridge not including it. Great product and at a great price. Plus I love the natural flavors with non of that added fruity stuff. Thanks and keep it up Funky!

Very easy to use, though instructions would have been nice, lol! I only knew how to turn it on because of reading someone else's review. (Press the little button several times the first time you use it.)

Not very minty, but certainly usable. Works fine! And very fast shippng. I was impressed!

Exactly what I needed!!

So to start off: the flavor for me is terrible. But I didn't buy this cart for the flavor; I bought it for the terpenes and CBD content. On that front, I have to give this cart 5 stars. It gave me an excellent, clear-headed mood boost and even a slight body tingle that made me feel great all around. This is a daytime use cart for me (e.g. before work, going to concerts, etc.). I am subscribing right after I click 'Submit Review'.

Best CBD I’ve found!

I’ve tried many different CBD vapes and this blows them all out of the water. I work nights and have trouble sleeping during the day. This helps me tremendously! Found my new go to end of the day vape!!

5 Star

This is my favorite vape after trying a half dozen or so other brands. The flavor pops in your mouth and i felt the potent effects after the first puff! It gives me a calm energy and is a great way to start a new day. It produces a lot of vapor which i really enjoy. I use the Granddaddy Purple at night as a sleep aide and I'm sleeping a lot better. Definitely coming back for more!

Granddaddy Purple rest

I’ve tried many different CBDs and Funk Farms Granddaddy Purple is the only that works for me. After vaping for a short while, I’ll start yawning & getting a little sleepy.
I’ve just put this on renewal every 3 weeks.
This is the real deal& I’m a real customer
Try it!!!!

YUM, helped me SO much

Got these when I was preparing and planning to move across-country by myself, stressed OUT OF MY MIND and couldn't sleep at night because my brain was buzzing with so many things I still needed to do and different things that could go wrong. Got a pack of these and the first one was almost instantaneous relief. I was ironically able to be much more productive with my mind working more normally, and I went back a week later and bought like 3 more packs. Gave a couple to my boyfriend when he was anxious before work and he also said they helped him tons. Now I'm back again! Really yummy gummies too, I'd eat 50 straight if they were cheaper and not CBD.

Thought would be more like the cartridges

The flavor of this vape juice is really nice. Though, I guess I should have done more research on it before buying. I assumed that the juice would be like the cartridges, which I LOVE but are pricey. The cartridges use MCT oil and turpenes rather than vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. The big/pg combo tends to hurt my teeth. Also the mct oil/Turpenes allow for a tastier smoke which isn’t too thick.

great taste

Received my Gelato Cartridge today. fast shipping got the order in 3 days, so far Gelato is my favorite smooth good taste reminds me of the real deal herb. satisfied with this company, package well that is good when shipping carts. love the rewards program. pays you to shop all good for!

My new favorite thing

Discovered these about a month ago and well worth the purchase. Taste good and relaxes me.

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