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Lemon cake vape

Just received the lemon cake and Pineapple Express. Both kind of have an odd taste. Not sure if that’s normal or not. Overall the effect is good, just wish the taste was more enjoyable! Should have purchased the watermelon freeze flavor!

Perfect! I’ll be back.

Very satisfied with all your products!

Best on the market!


I liked the old version. Let me tell you why. You could see when it ran out. The new version has more mg thats a plus 300 vs 200. The new version is rechargeable but they don't sell the charger they assume you have one. The new version is not refillable so why make it rechargeable just to make sure you've used all the product? You can't see if all the product is used. Finally it looks nothing like the product advertised. You advertised white but you selling a black unit. Is it just me? Don't get me wrong I like it. It's just confusing. Maybe I'll here from you clear up confusion.

Love the product

It helps me relax at night also helps with any pain that I have like arthritis I love that

Wow! This is the go!

Previously, Granddaddy Purple was my favorite to wipe out my chronic nerve pain. I am always on the lookout for a natural, effective CBD vape product with as few unnecessary ingredients as possible. I think I found the winner! Very natural flavor, with no trace of any additional flavorings. My pain relief was incredibly effective, and I was left feeling incredibly relaxed and calm.
The new disposable, rechargeable pen is superior to the previous design. Smooth draw, nice pocket size, and the ability to recharge the unit are all great features that make this design a must buy. The only thing I would change is that there is no marking or printing indicating what is inside the unit. I would maybe slap a sticker or something on that just so you know what's what in your collection.
Well done, Funky Farms!

Great product!

I like mint the best. Wonderful to soothe upset stomachs & relax. Very high quality, pure product.


Need a daytime vice? Perhaps getting away from other vapes. Here’s a clean tasty piece to get you going!!

Lemon Limón CBD Tincture
Lawrence Ingerling

Very disappointed with the Lemon tincture. After using
your Orange Dream, which was a very good experience, the Lemon tincture is a major let down. The effect is just not there. I had a little left of the of the Orange to compare, just to be sure it wasn't my imagination. It wasn't.


I didn’t like the taste at all

Great Source!

I love this product! The company responds quickly and reliably!

Great Product!

Granddaddy Purple consistently performs! Funky Farms is extremely reliable and delivers timely!

So Tasty and Effective!

Before I discovered Funky Farms tinctures, I had tried other brands that simply didn’t work. I had given up on CBD tinctures. Then, I received a sample of this tincture with a vape purchase and I became hooked. I buy this Alaskan Ice tincture regularly now. It’s so good in a cup of hot cocoa at night! It tastes like mint cocoa. It’s so yummy and gives me an excellent night’s sleep. It’s the only thing that keeps me asleep all night. I highly recommend!

Blue Dream CBD Cartridge (600mg)
Best ever

Thank you so much this has a great taste and helps with sleep also will will be ordering again 5 star best customer service thanks


Thank you for the perfect pen and a great price and did I forget fast delivery.

Great product!

Granddaddy Purple has really helped my back pain!

Took some time, but very effective

I have a torn meniscus that is untreatable. I had to sleep in a recliner because the pain was so severe laying in bed. I have tried nerve blockers and big doses of over-the-counter anti-inflammatory pills, but nothing has helped.

After two weeks of taking the 500mg product twice-daily, I realized I was sleeping in my bed all night! I changed over to the 2000mg daily and my knee has hardly acted up. Thank you!!!!

Best ever

Love this product clean taste and order comes quickly no wait 5 star for me


This product is awesome. So far I tried, Graddaddy and blueberry. I must say that they do not disappoint. Next is the peppermint lush. Can’t wait to try it. ❤️❤️❤️

Love this product

I use this product regularly.

Helps w. Mood, Pain & sleep. I will continue to use this!!

Fire OG CBD Vape Pen (200mg)

The pen does not last very long. However, the flavor is decent and the packaging it comes in is informative and useful!

Granddaddy Purple Broad Spectrum is Perfect!

I have been looking everywhere for CBD products with no THC. This is just exactly what I need!


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