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Died within 36 hours

The product itself was nice, but it died soooo fast. 36 hours or less before it died. Poor quality battery at the very least. Save your money

Died within 36 hours

The product itself was nice, but it died soooo fast. 36 hours or less before it died. Poor quality battery at the very least. Save your money

Excellent product

I love it

Still waiting

Has not arrived yet but very excited

Great CBD Vape

I bought this disposable vape from my local CBD store because it was recommended to me. I struggle with anxiety day to day and whenever I'm feeling low, I use this and instantly feel better. Great product.


It was a pleasant surprise getting all that I did in the mystery box!

Great for daytime use!

I've tried Blue Dream, Granddaddy Purple and this Fire OG vape. This is my least favorite of the three, but I still enjoy it. It is good for daytime use. I just don't feel the effects as mch as BD and GDP. It is more mild and doesn't relax me as much as the others. This is not the best for insomnia. I still enjoy it though because I love all Funky Farm products. If anxiety and insomnia are your struggles, then Blue Dream and Granddaddy Purple are your best bets, IMO. It is great for feeling alert during the day though. Speedy delivery and great company to work with. I always get a great sample of other Funky Farms products with my orders. I enjoyed the Alaskan Ice tincture sample. I will be ordering this tincture in the future. I have tried other breands of CBD tincutres and this one is by far the best!

Great for Insomnia!

I love the Blue Dream cart! Blue Dream is great for insomnia and for waking up in the middle of the night. The cart is much more economical than the pen, although I also enjoy the pen. I ireally enjoy it and use it often! It takes your worries away! THank you, Funky Farms!

Great for insomnia!

Blue Dream is the best for insomnia! It also works great for getting back to sleep when waking in the middle of the night. It has a great flavor. I also enjoy the draw of the pen. It's simple to use and small enough to take with me during the day.

Happiness in a pen!

GD Purp is my favorite CBD vape! This calms me and puts me in a happy state of mind. It also calms me in the evening. I love it!

Funky Farms Mystery Box
Catherine Patarak
best,, best

This box was had alot of good stuff in it that will make my pain go away...the price was perfect too..


This is my go-to from now on. It wipes out my chronic nerve pain COMPLETELY and leaves me feeling relaxed, but not cloudy headed.

Wow! Nice mystery box!

I was very surprised by the contents of the mystery box. I expected a couple of things but not the massive haul I was given! It was all top-quality great stuff that I would have ordered separately. I will be getting another one soon! Thanks!

More than I expected

I received several different items in my mystery box. I am highly impressed and will purchase again! Thanks Funky Farms!!

Funky Farms Mystery Box
Walter Siegerist

I don’t use the vape juice so it’s just a waste I know you call it a mystery box but could their be a way to put in my profile that I don’t use vape juice so don’t put it in my order box just a thought

Love this pen!!

I was in need of some good cbd to help with anxiety and depression, and that’s just what the blue dream disposable delivered to me. It gives me a creative boost, feeling more motivated to move without a resting affect. I love the design of the pen it’s so cute and small, easy to put in your pocket to carry around. I will definitely be back to get another once this one runs out :)

Gelato 350mg
Vlad lyazkowskij
Great satisfying taste, works great to relieve anxiety

The amount of terpenes in this cart gives it a very satisfying taste. These carts are very effective at helping you relieve anxiety. I'm so grateful for all the times it's helped me.

Granddaddy Purple 350mg
Vlad lyazkowskij
Amazing rich taste

This company includes a generous amount of terpenes in each cart greatly adding to the taste and therapeutic effects. This flavor is my favorite!


I really like granddaddy purple, I only have to take 2-3 hits and I'm instantly relaxed! I ended up buying a non disposable pen after this.

Amazing deal

I love these mystery box more than any other cbd related mystery box I’ve seen. The price is well worth it, especially since they send enough cbd to last months. Its such a good value.

Great for creativity and homework

This strain is very smooth and has a good taste. I recommend this strain for using in the daytime or when you need to get things done. It is very relaxing but also gives me motivation and clarity of thought.

Lung Burn

One hit caused major lung burn and coughing. I tried two more times, and the same thing happened. I'm so disappointed I won't be able to use this.

Funky Farms Mystery Box
Kristina Parker
So much stuff!

Wow, what an amazing treat I got with this mystery box. The variety was great and I can keep my CBD in every room now. I will order them every time they're available.

Great Battery Life

I use this pen daily, and it holds a charge better than any of the others I have tried.

Big surprise

I love getting the mystery box I love the different products I like to try them cuz normally I may not order anything different so I love to get that box and there's so much of everything Love it