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awesome!!! box

i have to say the box was amazing....except all the vape juice...i went out and purchased a thing to use it and i don't like to vape like that...i love the cart. but the vaping is not my thing.....but amazing box i wish i could get a box with out the vape juice...i'm thinking about ordering another it's the vape juice holding me back.....

New to CBD

Because of a continual sleeping problem, I decided to try some CBD and looked online and found Funky Farms had the best products for the price. So I ordered a small amount to try and after just one week of two 25 mg caps daily (one in the early evening and one when I go to bed), I sleep better and sure have a lot more energy in the daytime and so now have placed a large order while they are on sale to help me for several months. THANK YOU!


This is a “dream” come true. One of the best broad spectrum vape carts I’ve ever had! Actually gives me a sense of tranquility. Plus it tastes good. Keep on dreaming.

Just okay

Tastes like oil, not hemp. Definitely packs a punch but just doesn’t taste like anything but oil to me. Not sure it’s worth the increased price compared to other Funky vapes.

Great pain reliever

Nice taste, great pain relief.

Smoking og Fire

Deep earthy inhale followed with a warm (fire) exhale, very tasty thanks Blake


The cart I got is really hit or miss on the devices I have, but when it works it's amazing. The only device it works on is my ooze life 1100mah battery, my yucan uni pro says "no atomizer" everytime I put this cart on it. Disappointing since I want to use that, but it is what it is.

Blue Dream

My absolute favorite!!!

Funky Farms Battery 510 Thread

pleased with it! The dial adjustment is great to adjust to your strengths.

Mystery Box

This was my first Mystery Box - I wanted to try different types of options that they had to offer. I Wasn't disappointed but I do think they should include a Vape/ Device to use the products that are in the box. Other than that- I've enjoyed what I have tried so far out of the box! :)


It has a strong weed taste and smell that is potheads love. I got this for my anxiety bc i didn’t wanna be on pills any more and being high isn’t good for productivity. This is an amazing product and well worth the money compared to rival retailers.

Mystery Box

I absolutely loved my first box. It had a variety of things that I could use and try. I would definitely recommend.

Blue Dream is my favorite!

This one is my favorite. I feel like I use cbd mostly for anxiety and to stay productive. I use it at work and it helps me stay calm, happy and focused. I also have used it to help me stop using other vape products (non-cbd, nicotine products). It helps take away cravings for nicotine for me. This one especially helps me focus and stay alert. My favorite! I got the 600 mg cartridge next because of how much I love this strain. This one is smaller and a nice intro to try it out. I do love the construction of this one (the 200mg) though. The design, size and clean shape are super enjoyable!

Nice draw decent effects

Cracked open the box and screwed in to the battery. First pull decent amount of vapor and flavor ratio. After 4-6 pulls I felt tension melt from my skull and a sense of calm usually only found with my Dispensary Carts containing High CBD. I really enjoyed this for the time used before bed. Worth the money.

Great value

This is my second mystery box. Although I love it all and it's worth the price, I wish I hadn't received all the identical items from my first box. I'm not sure if each month there are different products sent out but I did order the boxes within 1- 2 weeks apart. Overall I'm still happy with the value and will definitely order again to try new products.

I Didn't Expect Much, But WOW.

I have an MMJ card, and have been vaping cannabis flower (with THC) to help with sleep and weird panic attacks that seem to happen for no reason early in the morning, and wake me up with an AWFUL "fight-or-flight" feeling (cortisol attack?!) But I never really believed that CBD on its own really did anything. However, I figured I'd give it a try for those mornings, and also for meditating so I can sit more calmly. I tried a CBD cartridge from another company, and was surprised to find that it helped a lot, without the THC. But I also noticed that their 3rd-party lab reports didn't mention pesticides and other contaminants. Then I found Funky Farms, whose cartridges appear to have been tested for those things, and passed...very important to me! AND the flavor and smoothness of the Funky Farms Granddaddy Purple vapor was also much better than those of the other brand. I can also use it during the day (THC always puts me to sleep)! I'm now a CBD-believer, and Funky Farms is going to be my go-to brand (although my next order will probably be for the 600 mg. Crystal-Resistant Distillate version).

love it!

I got this a few days ago and I am surprised about how well this works. I was pretty skeptical about cbd....until I tried it. I get all the calming effects of thc without the fog and drag that comes along with it. I have anxiety and have always been a pretty high strung person. I was amazed at the first use, within minutes it turned down all the noise in my head and that is such a relieving feeling!

Tried many, this is my fave

I've tried many cbd products, especially cartridges. This Lemon cake one works great AND tastes great. I enjoy it so much and it really helps with my neck pain and relaxes me. It's the only cbd product I'll buy now.

Mystery Box

Love the mystery box, variety of different items to try, this is my second time buying, even shared a cart with a friend to get them hooked on funky farms.

1500 MG gel tabs

I have used the gel tabs that come as samples in other orders and have been very pleased. I got these for my father who suffers from Parkinsons. I'm hoping that they will help him at night or even throughout the day. I'll keep you informed.


Relaxing feeling with minutes, great for night use to help sleep.

Fruity fruit 🤣

Perfect for daytime use, smooth taste my 2nd favorite.

Top favorite

Works great, smooth taste & easy to use. Only complaint is it didn't last long...gone in 1 day.

Funkin Awesome Mystery Box

I absolutely fell in love with the funky farms mystery box. So many items for just 45 bucks. I might start doing auto ship to get more for my money. Great products for cheap. It came pretty Quick too. Helps with my anxiety, depression, and pain. Highly recommend!!!

Another great transaction

I purchased the mystery package at a fantastic price on 420 and was so impressed that I decided to buy another mystery box. I am on a fixed income so my discretionary money is limited so buying a second mystery box at the regular price says a lot. I go 1 full sized vape, 3 full sized vapes at different strength mg so I can decide which strength works best for me, a cartridge, a full sized soft gel, and a bunch of daily doses and other samples. Wow .... I will be setting aside some money to buy the next mystery box that comes out ,,,, it is totally worth it.