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Pure awesomeness!

There is definitely no false advertising here...Fitst off, Northern lights the live resins has one of the best taste in carts I've ever tried. Which is a big deal to me! I want to have the taste there as well as the effects. And the effects are very important to me as well because after a long day of labor work outside this cart is the perfect thing to come home to, it'll help you "chill out" get rid of all the stresses of the day so you can enjoy being with your family or whatever events your typical evening may bring! This one is a no brainer, I have my subscription set to come to me every 3 weeks! 👍😁

Ask and you will receive

FF hit the mark with this cart. The taste and effects are amongst the best when it comes to CBD vape. I remember when FF requested feedback about which vape carts we the customers would like to see next. I requested Northern lights and now we were granted this greatness. Thank you FF!

Always a great product.

Never a problem- Products are top notch. People are a pleasure to do business with.

Smooth Sailing

I love the delicious grape flavor of the Juicy Gummies. Once I savored the flavor it was smooth sailing, relaxing and chilling for the evening!! I recommend these gummies for anyone who needs relaxation and calmness after a long taxing day at work or play.

Really Liked it - Detailed Review

APPEARANCE- The appearance of the Resin is dark. But not too dark, it's like a dark translucent brown. Looks like a really good resin. And in a cartridge, is great. The viscosity of the resin seems decent as well. I did flip the cartridge upside down and the resin ran, but that's no matter. Still, the appearance from what I could see from the half-gram cartridge I got, is a 9 out of 10. TASTE/SMELL- The taste is very interesting. I found myself looking for more taste but I do that on most carts and flower I consume. It has a nice, really nice subtle blueberry taste. I got a slight piney hashy taste as well. Now granted, it wasn't strong but it was there and good. I'm very thankful for this cartridge. It's CBD Live Resin in a cart. Everything I was looking for. There is room for improvement though. I would like the taste to have maybe just a little more blueberry and a little more chocolate hashy taste, piney, that I get from the real Northern Lights flower. That comes from the Afghan. But then again, I think this cart is near perfect/perfection on taste because I've had another blueberry CBD cart and that had a nasty burnt blueberry taste to it. So be careful if you do add more blueberry it may make this perfect taste, bad. 8.5 out of 10 on taste. EFFECTS- excellent sedative effects. Now my CBD tolerance is high so I need a couple of good long puffs but the effects are great. 8.5 out of 10 there. Overall I would give this a 9 out of 10. I would like to see a stronger version of this Northern Lights Blueberry and the taste adjusted just a little bit. :)


Love the happy and energized vibe! I didn’t sink into the couch for hours with this strain but stayed busy and active all day!! Definitely will be ordering this one again 👍🏼


Nice flavor
Love funky fas

Getting a second chance at Peppermint Kush!

I missed out on this the first time Funky Farmd offered it. I’m glad they made it part of the regular line up! Taste is good, though much more in your face than Northern Lights, but not in a bad way. This helps me sleep as well, and I’ve even played with taking a couple of puffs of Northern Lights along with a couple of puffs of this! Solid flavor, love Peppermint Kush. Try it!

Long time customer giving the new stuff a try!

I was crushed to learn that Funky Farms is not doing my Chocolate Mint anymore! I had a couple of carts left, so I decided something had to be done. I ordered this among the three items I bought. This is probably my new go-to for sleep!!! It chills me out even more than the Chocolate Mint does! Combine this with some melatonin and you’re not going to have problems sleeping. For now, I think we have a winner. I hope Funky Farms will reintroduce Chocolate Mint in a 1 ml cart though.

Felt relaxed

Felt relaxed, didn't last real long. It tasted good!

Really helps!

Great way to help with sleep.

Mmmm earthy!

Great taste and calm effect without making you tired.

Maui Wowie Live Resin

Wow ! Such a treat . Amazing taste and relaxing effect. Fabulous product .


Love the Pen it works amazing with the cartridge I just bought from you guys too oh and the pen just came in today and I tried it with the cartridge I just bought from you guys too and it works amazing 🤩 it’s like my other CBD I got bit from a different brand and color but still awesome just hope it gives me long self life like my other pen I have still and the cartridge fit great inside very easy too and worked on the first try as I used it the flavor was awesome it was pineapple something for got the other flavor it came with sorry :( but still good 👍 I will be buying from you guys again meaning more cartridges down the road well thanks!!!

Very good

Love the Product it works and tastes good :)

Very relaxing

I love this vape. Very relaxing during stressful days. Gives you just the slightest uplifting feeling to get rid of the worries, and relaxes your mind.

Super Chill!

I first bought the throw away pen of this when the product first came out, and I have to say that this stuff is really good to use at the end of the day, and before bed time. Really helps me to get to sleep quick in conjunction with using the tincture. Very relaxing.


I bought the throw away vape when this product first came out and I have to say that I was very impressed with how it gives you this really nice moderate feeling of relaxation. Great for stress, or just wanting a little bit of a 'chill out' feeling. Personally, the CBD in general also helps me with minor inflammation I get once in a while in the knees or lower back.

Bad design

Ok. So. This is actually a good vape pen. My only two gripes are as follows. One;The one I received looked very different from the design shown on the site. Two;The design on the mouth piece makes it more difficult to get a good draw than it should be. Else wise fullt satisfied.

CBD Gummies | Chill The FUNK Out (250mg/10ct)
Best on the market!

Excellent product. Hope to see the other flavors (especially grape) in the 250mg bag! Highly recommend this product.

Lemon cake vape

Just received the lemon cake and Pineapple Express. Both kind of have an odd taste. Not sure if that’s normal or not. Overall the effect is good, just wish the taste was more enjoyable! Should have purchased the watermelon freeze flavor!

Perfect! I’ll be back.

Very satisfied with all your products!

Best on the market!


I liked the old version. Let me tell you why. You could see when it ran out. The new version has more mg thats a plus 300 vs 200. The new version is rechargeable but they don't sell the charger they assume you have one. The new version is not refillable so why make it rechargeable just to make sure you've used all the product? You can't see if all the product is used. Finally it looks nothing like the product advertised. You advertised white but you selling a black unit. Is it just me? Don't get me wrong I like it. It's just confusing. Maybe I'll here from you clear up confusion.


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