Awaken your senses with hemp products from Funky Farms CBD.

 Created with care and customized to bring out the Funk in you, our products don’t miss. All our hemp products are scientifically formulated by cannabis industry experts to provide you the much-needed relaxation or energy boost to get you through the day.

Welcome to our Funky CBD collections, specially curated by our team for you.

Funky Farms CBD is a market leader in the hemp industry, relying on technology to formulate naturally sourced ingredients into hemp products that support your health and wellness.

At Funky Farms, we take pride in our expertise and years of experience in the innovation and development of effective CBD products of all types.

Welcome To Our Collections:

Best Selling Products – Interested in knowing what others are buying? We have created a list of our fan favorites that you can’t go wrong with. From the delicious 350 Granddaddy Purple 350mg vape cartridge to the stylish Funk You T-shirts, our Best Selling Products collection helps you know what products others are getting Funky with.

CBD Cartridges Category – This is our collection of Funky Farms Cartridges that feature our industry-leading full-spectrum extract and utilize Jupiter Lab’s CCELL atomizer technology for the best vaping experience.

CBD Gel Capsules Category –A collection of our conveniently potent and easy to use Funky Farms’ soft gel capsules. These come in two potencies, 750mg 25mg each or 1500mg 50mg per cap. The collection also features our Daily Dose 50mg gel caps.

CBD Gummies Category – Enjoy the industry’s most flavorsome CBD gummies. These delectable treats are infused with CBD isolate and contain no THC.

CBD Oil Daily Doses  - Looking to enjoy the benefits of hemp-derived CBD on the go? Visit our daily doses collection of conveniently packed – single-use hemp-derived CBD products.

CBD Oil Tinctures Collection – This collection features our three funky flavored tinctures that combine the potency of full-spectrum CBD and MCT oil to deliver the optimum benefits. Alaskan Ice, Lemon Limon, and Orange Dream tinctures are available in strengths ranging from 500mg to 2000mg.

CBD Power Drink Mix –  Funky Farms presents the best way to enjoy CBD and get an energy boost at the same time with these delicious flavored powdered drink packets.

CBD Vape Juice – Awaken your senses with these fruity-flavored vape juices for your refillable vaporizers. They come in different flavors and a bottle with a thin needle tip for easy dispensing.

Funky Farms Vape Cartridges Collection – This collection features Funky Farms Reserve Line cartridges that use Broad-spectrum CRD extract in CCELL ceramic 510 cartridges.

CBD Vape Pens Collection – Funky Farms Reserve Line natural vape extract in ready to use disposable all-in-one vape pens.

Newest Products– Here you find all our latest additions. Be the first to experience our continually developing products, unique flavors, and technology.

Swag and Apparel – Here, you find all our stylish products from the fresh-looking Funky Farms Hat, Tshirts, Cell Phone Pop socket, Adhesive decals to our aluminum brushed 510 thread high capacity battery. We have everything to get your Funk on!