Review by Sarkazz: Blue Dream Reserve Line

  • by Fayanne Serphos
Review by Sarkazz: Blue Dream Reserve Line

Sweet dreams are made of these… Our Reserve line Blue Dream vape profile is the serenade you've been waiting for! Sarkazz  tells us all in her unbiased review.

This premium Broad Spectrum CBD distillate comes from a US-grown farm and lab, and has been developed for the cleanest, highest quality CBD experience. Each Reserve Line CRD (Crystal Resistant Distillate) profile has its own distinctive flavor notes and tones which are honed in on through specially selected terpenes. Containing just hemp and terpenes, and NO additives, fillers or synthetic flavors, the complete Reserve lineup is truly the crown jewel deserving of royal treatment!

Delivering a much sought-after flavor, our Blue Dream CRD profile leads with a rich earthy aroma and a sweet berry undercurrent, creating a robust daytime blend that delivers a soothing, energizing, and creative lift without the sedating effects.

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