Instructions for Funky Farms Reserve 510 Thread Battery:

  • by Douglas Hollingsworth
Instructions for Funky Farms Reserve 510 Thread Battery:

Since you’re on the Funky Farms website you have already found the best CBD extracts and vape products available.  Now all you need is the perfect device to start vaping… and we have the best 510 battery on the market- the Reserve 510 Thread Twist battery! Our vape battery is a high-quality, powerful battery that will enhance your vape experience with any of our amazing vape cartridges.

Here’s how to use our Reserve Battery so you can start enjoying right away… 

  1. When you first receive the battery, there will be some charge in it, but it’s best to charge it up to full strength before use.  To charge, simply twist the battery onto the charger and plug into a USB charging port (apple chargers not recommended).  When charging, you will see the light on the battery glow red. The battery light will change to green to indicate it is fully charged.  The battery takes about 1-2 hours to fully charge.
  2. Once the light on the charger shows green, the battery is fully charged and ready for use.
  3. First, install your vape cartridge by twisting the vape cartridge onto to the vape battery.
  4. Second, to turn on your battery, press the battery button 5 times rapidly.   The battery light will glow green for a few seconds once the device has been turned on.
  5. Next, adjust the dial on the bottom of the battery to dial in your desired voltage. Its best to start at a lower voltage and slowly increase to higher voltages to avoid burning your extract or the battery coil.
  6. You can also preheat the battery by pressing the battery 2 times quickly and holding for a few seconds.
  7. Now, you are ready to start enjoying the best hemp extracts.  To vape, simply press and hold the battery button while inhaling.  Once you have gotten used to how it works, you can experiment with different voltages, preheating, etc.  It’s your vape and you should enjoy it your way!
  8. When your done vaping, you can power off the battery by pressing the battery button 5 times rapidly.  This way you don’t waste your battery and it will be ready whenever you need it next.

A couple quick notes:

  • Make sure your battery is turned OFF before charging.
  • The battery light may change color when the battery is running down. If it glows blueyellow or red, you will need to power off the battery and recharge.
  • Be careful not to vape too long at high voltages as you may run down your battery quickly or burn the extract.

Quick Instruction Guide:

  • Press button five times to turn on and five times to turn off.
  • Once battery is on, adjust dial on bottom of battery to desired voltage and press and hold button to activate.
  • Start at the lowest voltage and work your way up to avoid burning your extract or coil.
  • Utilize pre-heat functionality by pressing button two times when batter is on.
  • Pre-heat function will last for 15 seconds and can be exited at any time with a single button press.
  • Battery MUST be turned OFF before charging.
  • Light on battery will be green when on or charging.
  • Light on battery will be red when battery is low and needs to be charged.
  • Light on the battery will be blue when actively using (vaping) and the battery is getting low.


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