We're A-Live!

Proud to announce the launch of our Funky Farms Website where we bring you our products, along with news and culture blog posts to give you some fun and useful reading material about the CBD Industry in general and our company and products.

To start this off right, we would like to answer some frequently asked questions about our products and about CBD in general, so, here we go...

Q & A

Q. Hi, I was wondering what the active amount of CBD per gummie is?

A. Our Gummie's contain 10mg of CBD each.

Q. How many puffs do you get per cartridge pen?

A. Around 300 puffs depending on usage. 

Q. Are your cartridges free of animal products?

A. Yes.

Q. Just wondering, are your products 0.3% or below in THC content?

A. Our products include CBD plus many other cannabinoids but all contain zero or 0.3% or less THC.

Q. Are your Gummie's Gluten Free? My wife is a Celiac and wants to know if she can "get funk'd".

A. Our Gummie's are indeed gluten free, we hope your wife enjoys them!

Q. Hi. What are the ingredients in your CBD Cartridges? I have been reading her propylene glycol should not be at the top of the list. Can you let me know.

A. We do not use propylene glycol in our cartridges. Ingredients are Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract, MCT Oil, and Natural Terpenes!

Q. I just have a few questions about your cartridges: What is your production/extraction method? What is both the CBD & THC content? Where does Funky Farms source their hemp? & lastly is it a whole plant product or a CBD isolate?

A. Super critical CO2, CBD is over 300mg THC is zero, Oregon, Whole plant

Q. What kind if oils are your carts cut with? VG and PG or MCT Oil or something of the like?

A. MCT Oil

Q. Are your cartridges isolate or full spec? thc level? I'm interested in your products but would like more info..thank you!

A. The cartridges are full spectrum, with typically zero or very small trace amounts of THC depending on the batch (0.00% - 0.10%). 

Q. Are your products third party tested?

A. Yes.

Q. Do you guys put Diacetyl into your cartridges?

A. No and never will.

Q. What are the effects of CBD?

A. We are not allowed to make Medical claims regarding CBD but encourage you to do your own research and reading online and offline to find the answer. What we can tell you is that CBD is a very interesting discovery, indeed.