Featured on StupidDOPE: Funky Farms Releases CRD Hemp Concentrate

  • by Fayanne Serphos
Featured on StupidDOPE: Funky Farms Releases CRD Hemp Concentrate

*This article was originally published on Aug 2nd, 2021.
Source: https://stupiddope.com/2021/08/02/funky-farms-releases-crd-hemp-concentrate/ 


Funky Farms Releases CRD Hemp Concentrate

Funky Farms has recently released a new, premium hemp concentrate known as CRD – or Crystal Resistant Distillate. This Broad Spectrum distillate is defined by its incredibly high minor cannabinoid profile in the cleanest form you’ll find out there.

Cannabinoids suspended in hemp extract may start to crystallize after some time. While it is not harmful and doesn’t lower the extract's effectiveness, crystals are not something you will enjoy having in your vape.


What is Crystal Resistant Distillate?

The Crystal Resistant Distillate (CRD) is unlike other oils, as its formulation resists crystallization and creates consistent viscosity during vaporization without the use of additives, carrier oils, or fillers. Funky Farms Reserve line’s unique extraction process produces highly-concentrated hemp extract that resists crystallization better than other methods of extracting CBD oil. With such purity and potency, it's become one of Funky Farms' most popular product lines.

CRD is extracted using an advanced 4-phase distillation process that concentrates all the beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes without using harsh chemicals or solvents. This creates a pure, concentrated hemp extract with only cannabinoids and terpenes – nothing else.


How Is It Made?

Hemp is known for its high levels of cannabinoids, but it does still contain THC, the psychoactive compound that gives the user a “high” feeling. After extracting terpenes and cannabinoids from hemp, researchers found that there was still some psychoactivity left behind in the hemp extract.  

The 4-phase distillation process extracts all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and essential oils from the hemp plant and leave behind the remaining THC compounds

Funky Farms CRD vape cartridges contain less than 0.3% THC concentration, which is the federal limit for industrial hemp. This makes them an excellent choice if you want to enjoy the famed therapeutic benefits of CBD, but you are afraid of getting high or experiencing unpleasant effects associated with marijuana consumption. These products will not make you high!


Featured Products

600mg Funky Farms CRD Vape Cartridges - Our CRD vape cartridges are some of the best on the market. Available in strain-specific infused terpene flavors, these high-quality carts quickly become your favorite after the first hit.

Our CRD cartridges are made using Funky Farms Reserve Line broad spectrum CRD extract. It contains all the beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds found in hemp. These compounds produce unique benefits in the body. They also contribute to the entourage effect, a mechanism by which cannabis compounds work together to produce more pronounced effects, in this case, therapeutic benefits.

200mg Funky Farms CRD Vape Pens - With Funky Farms disposable CRD vape pens, you don’t have to carry your battery everywhere you go or skip your daily CBD dose because you ran out of charge.
Our CRD vapes are also infused with naturally sourced terpenes, and they contain no fillers or artificial flavorings. Just natural hemp extract ready for use. All Funk no Junk is our motto when making these cartridges.

Our Funky Farms CRD vape pens are ready to use out of the box. They come with a fully charged battery and are pre-filled with the Reserve Line broad spectrum CRD vape extract. It has everything you need to start vaping. All you have to do is take a drag and enjoy your favorite vape profile and wait for the potent CBD relaxing effects and therapeutic benefits to kick in. No more carrying your battery or running out of charge.


Where can I Try This?

Funky Farms offers high-quality products all backed by regular third-party lab testing. Shop directly online at FunkyFarms.com and get free shipping when you spend $65 and up!

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