Featured on Home Business Magazine: Wellness Essentials Gift Guide: CBD and More

  • by Fayanne Serphos
Featured on Home Business Magazine: Wellness Essentials Gift Guide: CBD and More

*This article was originally published on Oct 20th, 2021.
Source: https://homebusinessmag.com/home-office/product-reviews/wellness-essentials-gift-guide-cbd-more/


Wellness Essentials Gift Guide: CBD and More

By: Home Business Magazine Editor -10/20/2021

Many people feel drained after another difficult pandemic year and are looking forward to recuperating over the holidays. Help make the new year more peaceful for friends and loved ones by gifting them with one of the below wellness products.


Funky Farms


If you are looking for a quick remedy for relief, vaping can be the fastest way to deliver CBD into your bloodstream. Funky Farms’ CBD Vape Cartridges are made with plant-based formulations and use 100% certified organic, non-GMO ingredients that contain no pesticides, fertilizers, additives, fillers, or synthetics of any kind. Created with a mission to spread awareness about the wellness benefits associated with CBD, Funky Farms is dedicated to pushing industry standards to new heights. By utilizing the patented CCELL atomizer technology, these cartridges are guaranteed to provide you with the best vaping experience along with therapeutic and relaxing benefits of hemp-derived CBD. Funky Farms uses its extensive experience in the cannabis industry to create these ultra-effective cartridges by combining the best ceramic wickless cartridge with the highest quality full-spectrum extract for increased bioavailability. Benefits of CBD taken through vaping kick in almost immediately.


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